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Criminal crews (proto-gangs) of Amporios;

Blockade Runners (’kaders) The Red Rose Crew (Roses) The Bloody Coins (Bloods)
Crypt Dwellers (Crypts) The Shinning Blades The Rock Snakes
and many more

Kingdoms of the Ionari Penensula, and their cultural tendencies (cultural traits);

Nevair Passionate Opportunistic Enthusiastic
Renad Voracious Sincere Untrustworthy
Tagal Rapacious Hotblooded Devout

Realms of the world of Argilos that are not in Ionar, but have importance in our story.;


Locations within Ionar that are not currently relevant;

Finnsr The Devil’s Teeth
the Oracle of Stone Port of Lost Hope

Main Page

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