Doktor Uzkul a'Ungrim

Disgraced dwarven surgeon. Banished by his family from his homeland as an oath-breaker, now living among humans.


Lifepaths – Born Noble, Abecedart, Chronicler, Lead to Dwarven Host, Khirurgeon, Lead to Dwarven Outcast, Oathbreaker
Age – 138


Fate Persona Deeds
22 5 1


Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo
B6 B6 B5 B4 B6 B5


Hea Ref MW Ste Hes Res Cir Multi. Greed
B7 B4 B11 B5;D 3 B2;R B3; R x3 B3

Greed Idiom: Gold, Beauty, Power.

PTGS Su: B3 Li: B6 Mi: B8 Se: B9 Tr: B10 Mo: B11
Skills Exponent Tests
Ancient History B3
Armor Training N/A
Axe B4
Brawling B4
Chronology of Kings B3
Clan Wise B4
Dwarf-Wise B4 R, R
Dwarven Rune Script B3
Drunking § B2
Etiquette B3
Falsehood B3 R
Illuminations B2
Infection-wise B3
Khirurgeon B6 D
Nogger § B3
Oath-Wise B3
Obscure Text-wise B4
Observation B3
Poetry B4
Soothing Platitudes B4
Stentorious Debate § B5 D, R
Stentorious Singing § B3
Ugly Truth B4 D,C
Course Persuasion § B3
Shrewd Appraisal § B3
Skills (Learning) Tests
Conspicuous 1
Ser Shane-wise 2
Thorsbane-wise 1
Flynt-wise 1


  1. I will be the champion of the Renadian Dock Fight Club.
  2. Oath: I will protect Senzio to see him keep the thrown in Renad.


  1. Always carry my khirurgical tools.
  2. When treating an injury, assess first.
  3. Treat first, ask questions later.

Dwarven Tools (khirurgy +1D)- (10 rps), Clothes (1 rps), Sturdy Shoes (1 rps), Finery (5 rps)

Large Dwarven House (15 rps)

1D Dockside Clinic (10 rps)

1D Doctor to the rogues (7 rps)
1D Oathbreaker (Nobles)(0 rps-trait)
1D Reputation among Dwarves (Dverger trait)
1D Reputation as a Noble (Dverger trait)
1D The last face you will ever see.

Doctor and tutor of Ser Shane’s Muertosi’s son, Senzio. (Significant) (10 rps)
Elington “Cy” Madrauder, Captain of the pirate ship Red Sky Morning.(Significant, Forbidden) (9 rps)
King Veerderberg IV of the Ruddennog Clan, my cousin (King Veerderberg III died on a’Ungrim’s table). (Minor, other family, hateful/rival) (2 rps)

Oskar Orkafatt, dwarf sailor on The Mermaid, ship owned by the Captain Red Devil. +1D

Accustomed to the Dark [Dt] No penalty for twilight, starlight, candlelight, lamplight, or torchlight.
Bearded [Char]
Greed [Dt] (Special, see BWG 121)
Oathsworn [Dt] Fourth Belief.
Shaped from Earth and Stone [Dt] Access to craft magical skills that are open ended.
Stout [Dt] Reduced max speed of 6. Max Forte of 9.
Tough [Dt] Round up to factor Mortal Wound.
Oathbreaker [Char]
Dverger [Dt] 1D Reputation among Dwarves; 1D Reputation as a Noble; +1 Ob inconspicuous among Dwarves.
Know it All [Char]
Glib [C-O] Soothing Platitudes, Falsehood, Seduction.
Cool Headed [Dt] Reduce Hesitation from surprise and fear, not pain.
Ugly Reputation [The last face you will ever see.] voted.
Dramatic [Char] voted.
Oddly Likable [Char] voted.

Weapon Type I M S Add VA WS Strike Dist
Bare Fisted 3 6 9 2 0 Fast Shortest
Footman’s Axe 5 10 15 2 1 1 Long Two handed
Light Mail 3D
Skull Cap 1D

Doktor a’Ungrim was banished from Gabilgatholund for letting his liege, Veerderberg III, die on the operating table.

The Doktor arrived in Amporios aboard the Red Sky Morning and set up a rudimentary shop treating injured sailors and dock workers. The makeshift clinic he established continues to this day. Although the Doktor has moved to more lucrative work, he still finds the time to spend a few days a month at the clinic donating his time healing those who would be given up for dead elsewhere.

A’Ungrim’s recent years, however, have been spent vainly trying to tutor his teen-aged ward, Senzio Muertosi. Although young Muertosi is a smart student, he would rather be on the streets of Amporios running wild in shoes cobbled from the adventure stories told by the scoundrels under the Doktor’s care.

To date, Senzio has kept the good Doktor busier than a one-armed miner. But, with the assassination of Ser Shane Muertosi, the Doktor can hear the rumbling as the tunnels begin to cave-in around him.

Previous Beliefs
Get Senzio to Renad.
I owe Madrauder a life debt, I will repay him.
I will use the Dwarven treasure map as a bargaining chip to obtain the proof on the Sword of Ascension.
Oath: I will protect Senzio to see him ascend the thrown in Renad.
Oath: I must protect Senzio to see him ascend the thrown in Renad.
Mace is a cancer on my relationship with Senzio, I will cure it.
I owe Madrauder a life debt, I will repay him by getting him out of Pirates Cove regardless of his wishes.
Get Senzio off the Port of Lost Hope.
I will use Mace to secure Madrauder’s escape, he must remain safe until he serves that purpose.
Kol is the best fighter I know, I will see that he stays sober and sharp.
I will use any means necessary to protect Captain Madrauder from Admiral Flynt.
I will make the Red Devil mine.
I will use the Red Devil to get Madrauder’s ship past the blockade.
Oath: I must protect Ser Shane’s secret and his orphan son, Senzio, by stealing the Sword of Ascension.
Oath: I must protect Ser Shane’s secret and his orphan son, Senzio.
I will see Finn’s sword mended to solidify Senzio’s lineage.
I will convince Admiral Flynt to let Madrauder’s ship past the balockade.
The Rock Snake Tray needs guidance, I will mentor him on what it means to be a Dwarf.
Talathel’s voice is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard, I will protect it from harm.
The Rock Snakes’ need guidance, I will mentor them on what it means to be a Dwarf.
I will warn Madrauder of Admiral Flynt’s trap.
I will convince Maria to perform at Nora’s party.
Greed is a sickness that can be managed and cured; I must not succumb again.
Macien Flynt’s Achilles’ Heel is his wife, Lady Nora. I will exploit that vulnerabilty to protect Senzio.
I will learn what Brunk Boartooth knows about Ser Shane’s murder.
Baron Fel does not have Senzio’s best interests at heart; his intentions towards the boy must be uncovered.
I must help those in need, especially those who cannot ask or have nowhere else to turn.

Previous Instincts

Love is the rarest treasure, I will take it where I find it.
Always have a contingency plan.
Always help the helpless.

Doktor Uzkul a'Ungrim

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