Lord Macien Flynt

Admiral, Pirate Hunter.



  1. There is no such thing as a good pirate. I shall eliminate their threat forever.
  2. War is the only way to regain what we have lost. If the King will not lead us in this, then he must be replaced.
  3. The Grand Admiral is the wisest of us. I will heed his counsel in all things.

Lord Macien is an admiral of the Nevairi Navy.

His wife is known for her extravagant parties.

He is a devoted subordinate to the Grand Admiral of the Nevairi Navy. It is a poorly kept secret that the Grand Admiral has designs upon the throne of Nevair. This fact tends to put Admiral Flynt at odds with Baron Fel, who is a loyal Kings man. It usually remains a polite conflict, but no less deadly for its civility.

He spends most of his duty time hunting pirates.

Father to the bastard Mace

Lord Macien Flynt

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