Filian Goldwind

Elven weaponsmaker hiding and running from his past.


Filian “Fin” Goldwind


Lifepaths: Born Etharch, Attendant, Bowyer, Bladesmith
Age: 151


Will – B6
Perception – B4
Power – B3
Forte – B4
Agility – B6
Speed – B6


Health – B5
Steel – B6
Reflexes – B5
Mortal Wound – B9
Grief – G2
SKILLS – Elven Script B2, Sing B3, Etiquette B2, Bowcraft B4, Riddle of Steel B5, Sword B4, Bow B3, Etching B3, Elven Blade-wise B2, Persuasion B3, Stealthy B4, Antiphon Union B5, Haggling B4, Observation B3

Traits – Acute, Calm Demeanor, Circumspect, Exile, Perfectionist, Born Under The Silver Stars, Essence of the Earth, Fair and Statuesque, First Born, Grief, Keen Sight

Relationships – Elven Etharch (Significant, Grandfather, Hatred), Sonya Bleeker (Minor, Ex-wife)

Affiliations – 1D Merchant League, 1D Elven Etharchs

Reputations – 1D Master Weaponsmaker (Blades and Bows, 1D Kinslayer

Gear – Light Mail, Sword, Skill Tools, Clothes, Shoes, Elder Sword of the Etharchs (Broken) as a Personal Effect

Property – None

Circles – B3
Resources – B1


1. I will create my own sword to my standards.
2. I will find the way to repair my grandfather’s sword.
3. The boy (Senzio) must have a safe and stable place to stay.


1. Never be without a weapon.
2. Always be aware of the ambush and assassin.
3. Fight when necessary, flee when possible.


The long slender elf hammered away at the forge. He was folding steel over and over again to get the right consistency of a blade. Never satisfied with any of his weapons completely, he knew this knife must be made for the Sergeant of the Guards before the end of the month.

For any other smith in the city, a knife would have been but a day’s work. Filian Goldwind, known to all simply as “Fin”, took greater pride in his work than others, therefore this knife would take upwards of 8 days. This was a constant bone of contention with those in the Merchant League who wanted his weaponry sooner. They knew his wares sold for ten to fifteen times the normal amount. Yet, it took so damned long for him to complete any of these.


Fold and hammer. Hammer and fold. Take your time. Do it like Haylen taught you. The practice was the same, but the equipment and certainly the steel he used were different. All manner of things were of higher quality in the Land of the Etharchs. The sound of the hammer had a melodious tone to it, not the “tink” sound he was so used to hearing now. It was better then. Purer. More noble and, looking back now, life had a better song….


Watching his grandfather approach, he knew he must show respect to the Grand Etharch of the Elves, but it was hard not to run to the old elf and give him along hug. Catch your breath he had to tell himself, be respectful.
“Yes, sire! You spoke and I heed your call,” he said in the lilting song of respect.
“Filian, I see you are working out the Riddle of Steel. Do you have an answer for it yet?” He was questioning now. He was being the teacher and mentor, not a grandfather nor the true Elder he was.

Filian had to think abou the answer and prepare it accordingly. Giving the answer quickly was never as important as giving the right one. Elves had time, however they had no time for being incorrect or answering it in the wrong way.

Filian composed himself and began to sing:
The Riddle of Steel is the ultimate goal
Living through the question, the journey of life.
We shall seek this answer by knowing
That the answer is the strife.
It is a question without an answer.
It is a journey without an end.

“Very good, Filian!” Grandfather held his stone-faced gaze for a moment then broke into a beaming smile and hugged his eldest grandson. “I am proud of you little boy. Barely a hundred years old and you grasp the Riddle better than anyone I have ever seen! Continue on with your project and let me see it when you are done. If it is anything like the others you have done, I am certain it will be legendary.”

Filian hugged his grandfather and went back to work….


A long time ago and no matter how this knife turned out, it pales in comparison to the the quality of the elves.

Filian Goldwind

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