Flames of Gold

Session 6

Fin and Kol's excelent adventure?

Tonight we see what Fin and Kol were up to while the rest of the crew did what they did last week.

A Burning Thirst

We open with Fin and Kol on there way to the warehouse district to find the abandoned warehouse that Thorsbane and the Rock Snakes have claimed as a base of operations.

Kol succeeds in being quiet enough to sneak around to get the lay of the land. twenty (20) Rock Snakes guard the outer perimeter.

Our heroes would-be assassins notice the Rock Snakes have set up a bar/brothel in another warehouse.

Kol is sure he can set fire to the brothel to distract the guards, without setting fire to the alcohol. (He is wrong in this assumption)

Fire set, guards distracted, they enter the snakes den.

They deal with the three guards on the inside. Outside the bar explodes as the fire expands to the entire warehouse district.

Confronting Thorsbane

Thorsbane tries to buy off Kol and fails. Apparently Kol is not as mercenary as some might say.

Our first Fight!

Fin sets out to take down Thorsbane (with Kols help)

Fin collapses from his wounds

Next week; Kols turn!



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