Flames of Gold

Session 4

Nothing of great import happens for the rest of this day. (the day that Senzio sailed away)

  • Kol slept the blessed sleep reserved for saints and drunkards.
  • Talathel spent the remainder of the day being “all that” until it was time to perform at the Woodsong Tavern. A fine establishment in the noble quarter, where he is always the headliner, even when he’s not there! After closing the show for the night, a page arrives to give him a summons to appear before Baron Fel as the sun reaches it’s zenith on the morrow.
  • Our good Doktor spends a large part of the day returning his home to a proper dwarvish state of decorum. And if he lingers overlong in his absent pupils room, who is to know?
  • Fin could be found meditating in his preferred manner, at the forge, hammer in hand. Towards evening he receives a request to call upon Master Ironsmit at the noon hour the next day.
  • Ethan is not to be found, as is the desire of any spy in a foreign land. Also, he can’t make it to this session.
  • Briggs, who wandered off last session, is drawn up into the whirlwind that is known as Lady Amber. She is a delight to behold, and definitely not a widow. She is absolutely certain that Briggs is the exact cure for her dear mother’s melancholia. Before she leaves him to his own devices, she demands that Briggs call upon them the next day for lunch.

And so we begin session 4:

Kol; you awake in the wee hours of the night/morning to the smell of smoke … and alcohol! The Bar is in fire!

Kol – Really? Was there any choice? The bar was on fire…. I mean the BAR was on FIRE! I hadn’t even had a drink yet! So? I saw the guy I thought was responsible… a Rock Snake. Mangy looking fellow. I could have chased the bugger down then and there. But all these fools were standing around just watching the BAR go up in flames! I got ‘em moving in the right direction… even if it took a bit of scarin’ to do it right. Besides… after a drink or three, I was going to have the whole rest of the day to find the bugger.

Uzkul; the sun is barely up when you hear a firm pounding at your front door.

Briggs; you have a lunch date. (with two women)

Talathel; the Baron has requested your presence.

Fin; Master Ironsmit has asked you to call on him.

House Calls

Fin meets Uzkul at the doktors house. they talk.

Talathel arrives at the doktors house, and is kept waiting.

Briggs goes to the doktors house.

Kol goes to the doktors house.

After discussions there are leave-takings;

Fin and Kol seek a Dwarf with information: Argile Goldweaver.

Uzkul, Briggs and Talathel find and converse with Millie.

  • Briggs fails a spell and is found out by Tal’ and the Doc.

With Fin and Kol heading to the warehouse district to end Thorsbane, and Talathel, Briggs, and Uzkul heading to the docks to have a conversation with Maria, the session ends.

Tune in next time when we Fight!



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