Flames of Gold

Session 3

snakes and adders

A weekend with my in-laws has rotted my memory core. Please expand as needed the following;

Before the session begins, (since Joe could not be with us) Briggs catches sight of a well to do looking lady whom he could not allow to remain unescorted in such a rough part of town at such an early hour.

As the Red Sky Morning passes beyond the horizon, our prevailing protagonists disperse, warmed by the light of a new made morning.

Search for the ’tooth

Fin leaves to talk with Master Ironsmit about Black Sand Iron Ore. While there, the conversation turns to a work order from Admiral Flynt, and Rock Snakes seeking one called Goldwind and also a fair young stranger seeking Fin himself. Afterwards he sets out for The Scarlet Wench.

Ethan goes to leave a coded message to set up a meeting with Zander Craig for an hour after noon. Then he finds his way to The Scarlet Wench.

Kol,Uzkul, and the irrepressible Talathel head towards The Scarlet Wench. Talathel, of course, arrives well ahead of the rest.

“We’re closed” says the bartender.

talk, talk, talk,

At some time Ethan arrives, followed by Fin.

eventually a hefty bribe leads them up to a room with Brunk Boartooth sleeping of the nights debauch with three “ladies”.

Kol stakes out the street, and Talathel sings throughout the inn. Leaving Fin, Ethan, and Uzkul to play good cop, bad cop, and surly dwarf with the hungover culprit.

talk, talk, talk,

eventually the location of the missing blade is learned

Rock Snakes are seen

Race for the Blade

Uzkul, Kol, and Ethan? chase the fleeing Rock Snake, and catch him, nearly slice of his leg, attempt to save his life, and failing in that, swiftly cut his throat.

Fin and Talathel? run to the outhouse of the Sunken Scow, dig through the muck, and recover the Blade.

Kol goes home to his leaky shack to sleep. Fin takes the blade to his workspace to clean it. Ethan takes an etching of the blade.

I spy by candlelight

Ethan meets with Zander

  • From what Boartooth said, Zander is sure the man behind the crime was The Lion, an infamous spy from Tagal.

Later, Kol wakes to the smell of smoke. Here ends the session.



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