Flames of Gold

Session 2

A Mid-night Gathering

After eating what passes for food at the Sunken Scow, our party retires to the Doktor’s domicile. Joined along the way by Talathel fresh from closing the show at the Baron’s castle.

Once there, Kol raids the wine cellar.

And then conversations take place about the boy, assassins, plots, motives, and other points of interest.

Talathel and Ethan are left to watch over Senzio.

Doc to the Docks

The Doktor, Kol, and Fin head to the docks to talk to Captain M.
Briggs accompanies them, but peels off to speak with his information broker.

Our three intrepid heroes are beset by a handful of Rock Snakes with malice in their stony hearts.

Millie has quite a bit of information for Briggs, for which he gratefully pays.

  • the knife used to kill Lord Muertosi was a Renadian Blade.
  • Brunk Boartooth, a bloody-minded thug of no great wealth, is spending money like water.
  • Brunk is currently holled up in The Scarlet Wench, a seedy tavern with room rentals by the hour.

Briggs catches up to Uzkul, Fin and Kol as they arrive at the docks. they are welcomed aboard the Red Sky Morning. Once inside the Captain’s cabin, conversation ensues regarding the fate of Senzio

Later, back at the a’Ungrim residence, our heroes manage to convince Senzio to go for a sea voyage.

In the false light of early morning, seven figures travel through Amporios to the docks. Goodbyes are said. The youngest of them climbs aboard a ship making ready to sail.

As the Red Sky Morning sails away from Amporios, with young Senzio aboard, we end our session.



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