Flames of Gold

Session 1

We start the evening in the Sunken Scow, a shadow cloaked, ramshackle bar owned by a man named Thige. There we find Ethan discussing with Kol the details of the task Ethan is paying Kol to accomplish.
(Let’s face it… some times a guy needs a little cash for nice night’s drinking… or three. Ethan pays well enough… one of my favorite trait’s in a person. —Kol)

Briggs quietly drinks at another darkened table.

Meanwhile Fin puts the finishing touches upon a dagger he will deliver to a sergeant of the City Watch at shift change this evening.

Elsewhere, our good Doktor has come to the conclusion that his wayward pupil has gone wayward once again. He quickly decides to track down Kol to see if the child is with him.

Uzkul enters Sunken Scow to find Kol drinking by himself as usual. Kol is convinced to help Uzkul look for Senzio, mostly to stop the Dwarf from repeatedly saying “come on, you know you want to help” and jabbing him in the ribs and slapping him on the back. Briggs sticks his nose in and offers to help, probably out of boredom.

Baron Fel lounges upon elegant cushions as he alternately stuffs sweetmeats in his mouth with one hand, and stabbing small pieces of fruit, with a knife in his other hand, to daintily pop them in his mouth. Below the baron’s dais stood an elegant form dressed in the finest array of colorful cloth ever to see a tailors needle. One Talathel, known throughout Nevair as the greatest singer ever known, performed for the exclusive enjoyment of the baron. All was well until the baron let out a fearful scream.
“I am cut! I am bleeding! Get me a doctor. Someone get me a doctor. Talathel, please bring me forth a doctor, before I bleed out. Ohhh.”

Talathel sends Uzkul to the Baron then joined Kol and Briggs to search, unsuccessfully, for Senzio.

The Doktor is admitted to see the Baron. A’Ungrim treats the Baron’s hand without incident.

(Between stitches, I considered broaching the subject of Ser Shane’s death, and what that might mean for Senzio. But given the Baron’s state of mind and Senzio’s recent disappearance, the timing seemed less than ideal. – a’Ungrim)

The Baron then dismisses the Doktor and waves away his meal. Seeing the food going to waste, the Doktor tries to convince one of the guards to let him have it for the starving children on the docks. He is unsuccessful and, in the process, raises the suspicions of the guards with his request.

Kol notes the time for his job as a diversion is near and heads to the City Watch barracks. Talathel says “I’ll look in that direction then” and Briggs follows along.

Ethan waits for his distraction

Fin surreptitiously approaches the Watch barracks

Kol tries to provide a distraction by threatening to assault the elf, but Talathel beats him to the punch! He uses his natural charisma to draw the attention of two score guards who intervened on his behalf.

(It worked out better than I planned. I’d been already to start a fire in a near by building. But the bard was flaming enough. All I had to do was threaten the puffed up song bird and he sang like a canary. I’ll just have to remember not to warn him next time. Ha! — Kol)

Sgt. John, the only watchman not caught up in Talathel’s display does not see either Fin or Ethan approach.

Ethan sneaks into the late watch commander’s offices.

Fin delivers Sgt. John’s knife.

Ethan does not kill Senzio as the boy stands weeping in his dead father’s office.

The mob of watchmen are ready to cause great harm to Kol, and by extension Briggs as well. Talathel seems unaware of how great a danger he has set loose upon his companions.

Fin suggests to the Sergeant that something should be done about the crowd. The Sergeant steps up and disperses his fellow watchmen. The players turn towards the dead Commander’s office.

Meanwhile inside the office Ethan and Senzio have a brief conversation about papers, peace, poison, and dead fathers. And vengeance, we must not forget sweet vengeance. Hearing someone approaching from the front, Ethan opens a back window and tells senzio to come with him if he wants to plot revenge.

Our intrepid searchers enter the commanders office to find no one inside

They exit as the Doktor arrives on the scene and he goes into the office also looking for the boy.

Kol departs to seek a cup of wine

Briggs chases after Kol

Talathel sings

Fin watches the Doktor rummage through the office papers.

(Proof of Senzio’s lineage exists! Unfortunately, it was not in the office. – a’Ungrim)

Talathel leaves to finish his performance for the Baron

Ethan and Senzio talk in a dark alleyway

Fin and Uzkul talk. Fin asks what the Doktor was looking for, the Doktor only states that he is looking for proof of who killed Sir Shane, because he fears Senzio is also in danger. Before they leave, Fin takes down from the wall a sword bearing marks of his workmanship. He only shows the Doktor the hilt as proof, but does not draw the blade from its scabbard.

(If the crosspiece was any indication, that was indeed a fine dirk! – a’Ungrim)

Talathel sings

Fin and Uzkul leave together and head to the Sunken Scow but pause in their journey to listen to Talathel’s performance emanating from the halls of Baron Fel’s castle.

(Ah, that beautiful voice! I could stand in the street for hours catching Master Talathel’s dulcet tones as they drift down from above! I only wish Senzio was there with me, he would have enjoyed it so. – a’Ungrim)

All but Talathel (busy singing) meet inside the Sunken Scow. The Doktor is surprised and relieved to find Senzio at the Skow with his new companion, Ethan. After a rough start, discussions occur over some mead and a late dinner of day old fish and hard bread is served.

(Let’s face it. Intrigue isn’t my cup. But as long as meal and bottle are in the paycheck, I’ll go along. I may even bathe just to keep the Doc happy! —Kol)

Afterwards, the Doktor invites the group, including Senzio’s new friend, back to his home to continue their deliberations in private.

Thus endeth the session.


For the record. I meant create your own adventure log post (like; “Session 1 – Briggs” for example).

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Session 1

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