Flames of Gold

Session 0

It burns, oh it burns.

This was character and world burning night for our new Burning Wheel Gold (BWG) campaign. Through eMails we had basically decided upon a criminal underworld flavored campaign. In advance I had named the city, and a few other set dressing items. We talked character ideas, and then began creating (burning) them. All in all a pleasantly boring evening. Fun was had by all.

Character concepts went something like;

Doug – Human. Dueling poisoner in the employ of a foreign power. Ethan Norseman

Jason – Elf. A bard of epic talent and ego. Talathel
Still working. But I like the way his twisted mind works. :)

Jeff – Dwarf. Shamed Khirurgeon. Uzkul a’Ungrim

Joe – Human. Swift-talking con man Sorcerer with an eye for the ladies. :) Briggs

Roy – Human. Bloody-minded mercenary. You bring the coin, he’ll bring the pain. Burnt Kol

Todd – Elf. Exiled Bladesmith. Hunted for a crime he had to commit.Filian Goldwind

I have to say, I’m excited about the character mix. I’m looking forward to seeing Beliefs and Instincts. And the Relationships! I can’t wait to get my hands on those!

Tune in next week when we roll dice!



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