Flames of Gold


"Sind wir alle Zwerge!"

That gang of mangy mud worms attempt to emulate the worst qualities of my kind, yet vainly fail to mimic our most prima facie aspect. Yet, more curious in their Dwarf-ness, are my companions: Fin, the Elf, and Kol, the Human.

Our encounter with the gang is prime anecdotal evidence.

When those impudent and ungrateful dock spawn demanded compensation for traveling through the very streets where I have probably saved more than one of their unfortunate sires, the Elf’s first reaction was to buy his way past them. Dwarves invented bribes and bargaining! But, one cannot assuage the Demon Greed with mere trifles! Offer it a morsel, and the voracious beast will devour your arm!

When Master Fin attempted to bribe his way past the urchins they were more than happy to oblige-but at a price Fin was not willing to pay. Fin felt his arm being swallowed as they demanded his precious blade. Oh, they would have it, but not as they had intended! He withdrew his arm and in the same moment unsheathed his blade. His reaction was most Dwarflike.

Likewise, Kol required no more urging than a Dwarf foot soldier, albeit less dramatic. For the price of some fermentation, he was glad to charge into the fray.

Unfortunately, the rabble had greater numbers and proved a greater challenge than we anticipated. Yet, Master Fin was determined to teach these young ruffians a lesson. It became clear to myself that we were wasting our time with these misguided worms and sought to extricate ourselves from the confrontation. The Elf, in the throes of Greed, required some convincing. But, he ultimately realized that the Boy was more important than redressing the affront caused by these waif’s demand on his precious weapon.

Kol required no such urging to change directions, just the location of a new bottle.

Luckily, the name of a’Ungrim is remembered by a few friends in the docks, and they were able to provide enough of a distraction for our company to escape from this unfortunate encounter.

Indeed, my companions demonstrated very dwarflike qualities: Fin, for his love of craftsmanship; and, Kol, for his love of spirits. In different ways they are much like my kin, and they do not even try. Those Dock Snakes could learn a thing or two from my companions being a Dwarf.

Doktor Uzkul a’Ungrim



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